Today’s challenge / आज का चैलेंज- Appreciation Post

Today’s challenge / आज का चैलेंज

Rose is known as the queen of flowers, it’s known for its beauty but have you ever thought of the beauty of a Sunflower?

How strong, peaceful and bright nature it possesses! :sunflower:

Can we dedicate an appreciation post on the beauty of Sunflower? Let’s do it.

Follow the tags for the forms of the write up.

Per person, only one reply is allowed. This challenge will end at midnight today. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best reply will be featured on our social media handle. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep writing. :writing_hand:


Roses are beautiful they have the charm,
But sunflower is who have there own brightness,
People want roses but who knows the Beauty of sunflowers those persons are precious,
And i m sunflower who have there own brightness and charm,
But yaa if I were a rose u want me u chase me,
And roses are beutiful but suflowers are precious,
And srry if u want roses u don’t deserve me…

~anjali @Nagma_lafzo_ka


ur thinking level is different and i like that spirit…


Thnku it means alot mam

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simply great :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thnku sir

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Hue vibrant, stalk strong
You stand tall among all
One look at you and eyes weary
Feel energized, shine bright, smile wide

In you I see a reflection
Reflection of life beautiful and vibrant
In your smile I feel vibes flowing
Vibes positive and energizing

The caressing breeze your lover
Sees you sway fluidly as would a dancer
Each motion, each bow of that lovely frame of ypurs
Steals hearts, see lips mouth ‘Wow! Wow!’ and only 'Wow! ’

If ever there is a beauty
A beauty that combines strength and vitality
It is just you my dearest
Sunshine’s love the sunflower golden.


wonderful :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


Thank you :blush:

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:blush: Thanks a lot

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