Today’s challenge/आज का चैलेंज/Appreciation post

Today’s challenge / आज का चैलेंज

Both Hindi and English language is allowed.

Mention a single thing you are thankful to have, today at this time! It can be anything (even if it’s a small accessory!), but it should be something that means to you! :slightly_smiling_face:
Per person only one reply will be accepted.
This challenge will end at midnight today.

Best reply will be featured on our social media handles. :slightly_smiling_face:
Keep writing. :writing_hand:


Being a girl child my parent loved me so much beyond my expectations they give everything and always being so supportive for me I know sometimes they stoped me to doing something not sometime I thing many time but I know they stopped me to doing that work is not suitable for me there is something fishy that’s why they stopped me but I m so thankful to them that they love me so much even more than I love my self…
Thanku mumma papa I love u so much…
~anjali by @Nagma_lafzo_ka


I thank God for saving us from the Corona virus. It has ruined so many people. Thankfully many got cured. It has not touched any of my loved ones. My family and my friends.
But, I can’t be so selfish. What do I do ? I pray everyday to save the world , my country, my city , my immediate family , my loved ones from the virus and keep us away from from it.
I take this opportunity to thank God for our health and wellbeing. I am thanking him whole heartedly.
Jacqueline Lobo John


Well said mam
Let us prayer
For the cure of the covid affected patients


The need of the day…
Help us all , we pray :pray:


I’m very thankful to this universe. Because it’s universe taught me a lot, it taught me the power of Karma and which I highly believes.
Today what I thankful is maybe this crisis because it gave me an opportunity to know myself more and discover, this is the best time that one can discover themselves and find what they really want.


Yes, the universe in which we dwell is everything to us. We should be indebted to it. We all take it for granted. So sweet of you to be thankful to it.:heart:@wordsbyritti


I think my smart phone is the best thing with me today. Had it may not have been my life would have been disater.