To my Valentine with love

Each beat of my heart,

Murmurs your name,

I feel you in each breath I take,

Breathe that broadcasts,

My love for you

My tears wash your feet,

Whenever hurt.

A feeling of being secure in your arms,

When you hold me tight

You influence me to overlook every one of my distresses,

You are my mainstay of solidarity,

My inspiration and reason,

To live

Each look, each smile and each kiss of yours,

Makes me fall in love with you

All over again

My heart would always say,

You were my valentine,

You are my valentine,

Also, you will be my valentine,

Till my final gasp,

My dearest and loving husband…

© Sheela Joby


One of the oldest members of YoAlfaaz is here finally. Welcome to the new YoAlfaaz :slight_smile:

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Welcome back

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Thank you

well @Sheela_Joby2019 , your valentine must be one of the luckiest person on earth and the love and bonding in between your both is very clear with your post.
really nice post

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Thank you for this lovely comment.

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it’s my pleasure to read your work

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Thank you

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