To my soul mate

fainlly mate you . I was look for you a long time . I search high and low . I ask God to sent me a sign . I pray everyday for you . To one day I saw you . I didn’t no you was the one . I was looking everywhere. I have couple men’s. But not one was you. I cry ever night to my self . Where is he ? I thought I will be alone for ever . When I saw you. I didn’t sew the sign. If I knew you was the one . Maybe I will love more. I was scared to get close to you . I didn’t want to belive it . My heart didn’t gave me know sign . How should I know ? You was the one . I try hard to find you . But the sign was there . How can’t I see it. We was good together. We got along good together. You was my best friend. I didn’t know you felt the same . I was waiting for something to happen. It was front of my face. How can I be so blind . My heart show have show me . Now when I look back .I can see there was sign . How can I didn’t see it ? I was blind with love. I thought you was just my best friend. To I realize it was more then friendship. I was so confused. I think about all the time we share together. I relieved only time I happy with you . I was waiting for you along time . We so much alike. It fun how one thing come to another things . I hope you will the same . I don’t want to lose you .I love you more then anyone in the world. You are my back bone . You always there for me . When I down you bring me up . You won’t let me stay down .You always rise me up . Sometimes I feel like I don’t reseves you . I don’t want to share you with world. I don’t want to close my eyes. You mate disappear . Did God sent you? Is my prayers answered. Do you feel the same . You completely me like no men ever did . You are my luck charm. You always told me we in this together. I wonder as a friend or boyfriend. I don’t want to rush you . I don’t want to scare you away. I need you near me . You take the best out of me . The love I have for you is brun inside of me . I need you around me . You only one can see right drove me . I don’t want this feeling to fade away. You are my super hero . Ever time you said good bye. My heart drop to the floor .But when you come back to me . It like I win lottery tickets. We laughed together. We cry together. We even finish each other sentence. I always look forward see you . When we mad with each other. We promised each other to said sorry to each other. So each other don’t live mad . We have the best memories together. We are like Rome and Juliet . I am falling hard for you . I hope you feel the same . Tell one day you change the cause . You grab my hand and push me close to you . Then you said I am falling for you . That the moment I knew . You was the one for me . It this a dream. Don’t wake me up . You can close to me and kiss me . Not only a kiss a passion kiss . You toke my breath aways . I thought i was having a heat attack . It changed everything. Know more scare then ever. I don’t want to lose you . I find my soul mate in you . Please don’t fade away from me . Be that person I fall in love with . Don’t go away . Stay her with me . If you live .You will take the best part of me . I don’t want to be here alone without you . You are my proud and joy . Please stay and love me the way you do . You look at me and took my hand . You look at my eyes and said I love you . I look at you with fear in my eyes .I start to cry . You said what wrong . I said God answered my prayers. He sent me my soul mate . It was you and I didn’t it know . I didn’t see the sign. You said I knew from day one . Because when I saw you I knew . But I not ready to share you with the world. When I am ready you will know . Just believe in us . So many motion I feeling. I fainlly find my soul mate . Hopefully are love will stay together. I won’t gave up on us . To then me and you against the world.