To all

To all lover’s we be an example,

Love each other and yet be detached,

Not mentally but physically, Not like wine without its intoxicated lover,

it’s another dimension we fall in, that no one understands,

Incarnated thoughts make me sick, is that what all love is all about,

Can we not just drown like a rose petal on the ground,

Is it that hard for the world to know that we don’t know their love, we have our own,

Yet those departed roads of heart brakes, those barren land of emotions,

From a happy being to that in the river of solitude,

Those rejections,actions,reactions,perfections…

Are we for this dimension?

I know, I love you in another dimension

  • Navjyot Singh Rajput

Beautifully written lines brother… :+1:

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gazab bhai gazab
nice post
love i love it :wink::wink::wink:

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