Three side

have three side . One side I see my self. Another side people see me. People see what you look like outside . There don’t know what your heart bring . How do you see your self ? I tell try to find my self. Try to find your self is not easy . When people always tell you what to do . To be that person you don’t want to be. We live in words. You have to hide the real you because people judging everyone. Living in this world is not easy . It sad when you just want to be your self . You can’t because you will be juge. So I try to be me . I am trying to be that person God what me to be. Be a positive person living in negative words . We should be free to be are self . I just to be the person God want me to be . I will try hard to be that person. Get to know me before you judge me. To know the real me you have to start from begin . That the real me know one see . You see the scare life me . You see it in my eye . You hear it in your ear. I have three story my heart , my mind , my thoughts. If I can trun back time to begin things will be difficult. There said everything happened for reason . Everytime something good happened. Something go wrong . Let me be the person I was mate to be . We shouldn’t be afraid to be there self . God will walk with me in my journey. He will help me when I fall . He will pick me up and carry me . He only one who know the real me . He know me from begin to end. To then I still in work in progress.




Very true, nice to read. :blue_heart:

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