Thoughts in night

I don’t know if I’m overthinking or it’s my instincts guiding me about the toxic energy I’m feeling from a long time,
it’s a dilemma "to listen to my intuition or "to believe the things which are real or maybe just seems like a genuine ".
Well, I know in the end story itself reveals the truths.
But then I’m scared :scream: that what if I will be left with regrets.
Well, I’m not sure to choose so this time I’m not playing an :game_die: . In my place I let my universe to decide for me.
Let’s see which number will occur when the Universe play :game_die: for me.
Hoping for the good as I trust my universe and my Krishna,
Jai Shri Krishna.:heavy_heart_exclamation::pray:


A very interesting start @Jhute_log_jhute_vade
Welcome to YoAlfaaz family
Keep writing and sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great indeed! :heart:
Welcome to YoAlfaaz buddy. :heart:

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