There were less chances to change others,

and it’s easier to change myself …

So, I chose to change myself!

This helped me believe my changing capabilities will inspire others that being non-violent is possible and it is good too!

But those men think otherwise… and never understood my point.

They chose to think me as weak
and also end up proving me the same.

So, I plead to all older women I know, who taught me to talk softly to avoid trouble with others… (even if they are overpowering you)

Guys! We changed ourselves enough! But it’s not working!



Well composed

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True that. :relieved:

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Excellently written :ok_hand:

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yes, @axy you are right
even after changing a lot, we are still not better or even simply improved,

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Thank you :blush:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Understand you :heart: