Those eyes


Of all those sweet pleasures
that moved into my soul,
Was blessing of those eyes.
The pair of eyes ,
that were sharp ,direct and skill
at archery .
With slow steps walked into my
I behaved myself after my
introduction with those eyes.
Before it my heart was so tried
and empty like cistern.
It was only longing for an oasis.
But when the eyes came,
my life was full of salty water .
my head was empty, feeling
itself with void and silence.
My ears were echoing with
reverberating of horrible
The cave of my mouth was
black n dark the coiled snake
were killing my enthusiasm.
This skull was numb.
But when i saw those eyes ,the
tide n waves energy too came
into it .
Those eyes were ocean of
pleasure to me.
And Every day i dived into it to
find the pearls of love .
To touch the horizon to be
united with earth n sky.
Those eyes were flowing
towards the bay of my soul.
Those eyes are heaven.
May 6 at 10:01pm ·
© Kavita verma