Those days were fun

They’re coming back
Right through my gates, they’ll enter
Deep breaths,
Rapid heartbeats,
They’ll try to calm themselves
Anticipating the next moment
Their somewhat teary eyes will look around,
Trying to gasp my evolution,
Maybe even trying to recollect bits and pieces of my and their lost youth

Just then, someone will walk by them,
And nostalgia will hit them
For now, they’ll meet their partners-in-crime or once-upon-a-time-acquaintance.
Awkward moments?
Lighting of eyes?
Warm hugs?
Hearty laughs?

Oh dear, my walls, all around, have been dying to hear these voices, for a long time
The lanes to the secret rendezvous have waited quite a long for their mischievous habitants to walk along

And I have waited to witness this reunion since the day you all left me.

Will you all stay?
I don’t think so.
You’ll reminisce the old times.
You’ll sit and chat and catch up.
And then you’ll leave again, with another set of memories.

But what about me?
I’ll hope.
Just like an 80-year-old father hopes for his son to come back.
Another year it will take
Another year I will grow
Another year we will meet again
Till then,
I will safeguard your secrets within me
And keep on holding to your memories
For as long as I will breathe.

Lovingly yours,
The Campus
(The place which has seen your smiles and tears, your failure and success and has seen your bared in its true sense.)


Phenomenal :heart_eyes:

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This is :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: awesome @Twisha_Ray

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Thank you so much :hugs:

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Thank you so much :hugs: yaar

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