These days are different... (Challenge of this week)

The challenge of this week is

These days are different

Write your original lines as a reply to the half written line above.
Per person, only one reply is allowed. Reply with maximum likes will win. This challenge will end at midnight next Saturday.
Write what you feel, write your heart out.


welcome! if you are new here…
if not,
then how come you end up… again here?

Even you know all… the struggles .
it took all you!
to cross those hurdles .

you may say…
these days are different !
i say,
those were different !!

trapped you , were weak then…
but you too wanted to come out!
trapped you , is strong now…
can’t you dial a number!?
lord. . whole day…and no word come out!

everyone of you feels,
what’s that called… depressed!
a little… but yes!
that’s what we feels now is being compressed.

i know, i can’t make you feel good again
but i can say, laying down can’t bring change
it will just make you fall asleep again…
and again

waking-up doesn’t bring cure,
neither do falling back to sleep.
it’s the mid,
it’s you!

someone else may not bring cure,
neither do me.
it’s going to be yours…
it’s going to be a fully yours!

if you are here first time!
because, you could feel…
weak! even being strong !

if not,
then how come you end up… again here?
weak! even being strong !

you may say…
these days are different!
i say,
yes! i believe you are going to be stronger…
because that’s you inherent !



These days are different alot
All the luxury that we have got
No money is worthy enough
To bring back the peace and healthy environment
Not so happy not so sad
Only if a wish I had
Make the world a better place
Free from the curse and covid case.


So what our centers have shifted,
Our notions and emotions have drifted,
These days are different!
When the ones rest-less have turned restless,
With bulging tummies and worrying mummies,
These days are different!
No truckers no sweetsellers around,
Now the random cacophony has no sound,
These days are different!
Tigers, deer, leaopards not anymore bound,
And faint sounds of trumpets can be heard around,
These days are different!

Atleast the air can breathe itself again,
A monkey can bathe itself again,
For once, a man can speak to himself again,
For these days are different! :grinning::heart:

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The winner of the challenge is

Congratulations @axy :bouquet:


Congratulations @axy :smiley:

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thank you :smile:

thanks :smile:

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