Theme of Quiz world cup 2020

Every big tournament is represented by its own unique chalenge or theme that would suit the best to its players and as such the same is a tradition of the Quiz world cup of visually impaired quizzers that takes place in gap of every four year that each world cup tournament would have its own chosen theme and that theme is decided when a hoste is chosen and it is also done by same process of being present at the front of all I Q F signitories and as nation state representing their countries where they do get agree to choose a certain theme that should suit the event and after the place chosen the decision to choose the theme is also alotted and is agreed upon by voting process which is sealed by the International Quiz federation once it is agreed to by all parties representing for such purpose of global cultural prosperity around.
In the year 2016 when the last quiz world cup took place in India the I Q F and its signitories parties as national representative of nation states chose the theme of sports as the major contender of the tournament and it contained all aspects of sports that included its records, facts, analyses, and other prospects to include the same and hence as the year 2020 has come after gap of the 4 years and the world cup is happening once again so one more theme has been chosen after the parties has agreed to give the host oppurtunity to Belgium for the world cup 2020 to take place from 30th of march to 3rd of april around its six cities as well.
After all discussion of the three rounds with 1st held in December 2019, the 2nd being held in February 2020 and the last one held on 2nd of March 2020 the theme of the quiz world cup 2020 has been decided and it is going to be cultural heritage with all aspects of culture being covered and it has been officially agreed by the officials of the I Q F and has been sealed with wax for the official purpose to make sure that the host would agree upon which was signed by the Belgium Quiz Federation and the lethorth sports club who are the key sponsers and hence the theme would circle around cultural preservatories of the world, cultural traditions, monuments, history, political movements and others and it would be on any field, circumspect and on any variant thus the theme would be going to be an interesting one and has been also approved by the Indian members after it was decided by all as signitories for the world cup itself.
The Indian quiz captain Mr. Pant and the head coach Ranganathan sir both has welcomed the gesture, has mentioned in their first meeting that how valuable this theme is going to be, and Mr. Pant has agreed that now the theme is clear to all of them it will be equally potent to all the 120 countries participating that they must focus their preparation around the same, thus it would be going to be very vital that how this theme illuminates as the world cup looms from 30th of March to 3rd of April 2020, till more such exciting content on the 2020 world cup come to know more, for now its cheers from charlie to all…


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