The world needs love


The world needs love;

A child needs to come to the earth and make his/her parents proud;

A mother and a father needs a child to be happy, proud and to spend the whole life smiling with them;

A sister needs a brother/sister, a brother needs a sister/brother to care for them and being irritated at the same time;

An old mother and father need their son and daughter to support them, to walk with them till the end;

A son and a daughter need their peace of mind and heart on the mother’s lap and the father’s shoulder;

A girl needs a guy to love, to be someone’s priority of happiness;

A guy needs a girl with whom he doesn’t have to pretend strong and can hug while crying whenever it’s difficult to deal with life;

A street animal needs a home, a little care, a life that doesn’t make it feel abandoned;

We all need a friend, a family, a home;
We need love.
The world needs love; let’s start to contribute a little everyday, a little to everyone…



Your message is quite clear, the world does need love… :heart:



That’s great post @unknown_soul
This is really interesting and so beautiful

It have everything it needs to be loved and attract attention .
Nice post friend

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Thank you so very much❣️ @Ravi_Vashisth

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@unknown_soul very nice… :ok_hand::+1:



Thank you so much❣️ @Kittukidiary



Love for a few is love for all
Sometimes a small gesture is everything for no one.
Beautiful essay

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Thank You❣️ @navjyotsingh.rajput

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