The Voyage

The Voyage
-Alveera Hafeez

The truth is dark,
Past always has it’s mark,
Nothing can be forever,
In the world of social fever!

People come and go,
Some forget and some become foe,
Some truths have to hide,
In this trecherous ride!

A heart needs a soul,
It needs a special role,
But when that soul leaves,
Life becomes a bunch of reeds!

Dreams become alive or dead,
But the stomach has to be fed,
In the long race course of life,
This is the only reason to strife!

And one day comes a card,
No matter how soft or hard,
You have to leave your role,
To meet the one who made your soul!




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Simply WOW
This is really interesting and good to read

i personally very much like the last stanza


Loved it

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Thank you so much… It’s really an honour!! I am glad that you liked it! Thanks for motivating me to write more!!:heart::heart::heart:

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Ty so much dear

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you deserve this praise my friend
keep writing and sharing such awesome write-ups :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes sure I will always!!:smile::smile::smile:

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