The Virtual Long Distance (Final Part)

Kindly Read the first 2 parts of The Virtual Long Distance!, before starting this and continue from here!!

“Beep beep… beep beep…” The alarm was ringing in both our mobiles, I saw it was 4:45pm, this girl never sets the alarm the time she says, always sets it 15min before. She is still asleep, I got up, she grabed my pillow, hugs it and conquers the full bed in a zig zag diagonal form. I smile at her, keep both the mobiles which are in snooze near the table below the TV, so that she cannot put it snooze and sleep again, if I know her, the snooze in her’s will be having a gap of only 5mins. I went to freshen up. While I was in the washroom, I heard “Beep beep… beep beep… Beep beep… " It kept on ringing I heard her calling me but I was busy in getting freshen up.
After 12 mins maybe I came out and saw her sitting in middle of the bed with her hairs slightly messed up both the mobiles in front of her. Her hands supporting her cheeks, which were supported by the pillows billow, her eyes still drowsy. “Haa, you got up?? You told me to wake you up after me getting ready na?, Then why so urgent?”
All of a sudden her sleep dissappeared she stared at me removed one of the pillow from the support and threw it on me “Very funny, monkey you wantedly kept the mobiles away from me na?” She yelled.
I sarcastically said “Noooooo”.
Meanwhile she got up, walked into the washroom, slammed the door on my face. I laughed, the alarm was not yet off in my mobile, when it was ringing, “Ugh… Stop it please” she scremed from the washroom, but I couldn’t help because I was trying to put on my t-shirt and I got my head into the sleeve because of her urgency. She came out furious and bursted into laughter and all I could do is to free myself but I stuck, she switched off the alarm, helped me. She took her dress and went in, came out in a swift. Within a blink she even dressed her hairs sat all ready on the bed but I was on a call. She checked her mobile, kept watching me, seeing her watch breathing heavily just like how a kid would be waiting. It was 5:15pm, I was finished with the call “Ok how could you be a girl and get ready 15min before we could go out?”
“What’s your point?” She asked.
“No usually girls are the reason for men to be late na” I told.
“Sorry to disappoint you, but this is me, I can’t help it!” She said stood up picking her tiny handbag where only her mobile could fit in.
“So now are you coming???” She asked as she moved towards the door, I ran yes, we locked and came out.
“So now what?” I asked
“Something to eat and a good coffee, I’m hungry” she told.
“Yaa ok” I told.
We headed to a place where it had all this evening snacks and beverages. We had, then went to the venue on the card which the hotel person gave, the place had a clock room to check our valuables, we did and they gave each family a photographer. Starting with a ride on this sand monster bikes with 4 big tyres with tooth making a 3 rounds on the instructions we raced eachother for 200mts. Then we went to this Banana ride into the waters of the sea, followed by the ride on the water bikes. Actually only that didn’t have any instructor, in which she was behind me. It was really fun, she was hugging me like anything, never let go of me even for a second. She said to slow down whenever I speeded up. Best part was we jumped into the water at last and she doesn’t know to swim, but she never cared but managed to float, she was holding my hand as tight as possible, off course we had our life jackets and there were still more people around us and it was shallow place, so nothing to worry and I know swimming! Just in case, played watching the Beautiful Sunset came out safely.
She had lot of fun, I haven’t seen her so much enjoying that I enjoyed seeing her enjoy that was fun too. We didn’t have a spare dress at the instant so we roamed in the wet dress for a while but it dried gradually, the sun was down, the lights on the shore was pretty, there where lights sparkling far on the surface of water, the moon was up and round, we took our things from the clock and settled on the sand with some nice hot food in hands. All tired smiling after eating she started to speak, “Thank you”
I kissed her cheeks “You are salty and sandy” I said and blow out a raspberry trying to get the sand out, she bursted out into laughter. I hugged her, we stayed for a long time, went to room the moment we felt sleepy.
The next day we had no plans but were lazy and tired, we just did some shopping the whole day and collected the photos of the previous day in the evening. I just saw a glance of it to confirm that its ours but I fell in love with her smile, the way she was holding me in fear all those. She was far talking to someone, all happy relaxed. She came with another card. I asked what it was she didn’t tell anything. We went to room started to sort the shopped items she also packed some because tomorrow we decided to leave. Had our dinner and went to sleep a little early, lights off but she didn’t sleep she was thinking something.
I turned on one of this tiny night lamps “Oy, what’s wrong?”
She just hugged me, all about to cry! I tamed her back, asked “What happened?”
“Did you really forget me all these days?..” She asked softly
“How could I forget you dear…?” I said.
“Because you just disappeared, I was worried but at the same time angry on you and all I knew was, you would come to me. But nowadays this gap between us is increasing day by day” She said.
“Why are you talking like this, I admit that I was held up, but I wouldn’t forget you” I said.
She sat up, “You know I am angry on you”.
“I knew, also that you are lost within your own problems, that’s why came to do some damage control” I said.
“Wait how did you know my correct address? I never told you” She asked.
“We do have some stupid common friends, got to know from them” I said smiling.
“Oh traitors” she said.
“No no, not exactly, I came up with something and they ended up telling all about you, out of excitement. You know just played tricks” I said.
“Then you are the traitor” she said punching me on the chest lightly.
“I guess I am” I said and hugged her, we fell asleep talking.
Soon after sometime I hear her waking me up, she all dressed up in shorts as if for trecking and ready, I look out through the balcony it’s atill dark as den. I grab my phone and see, it’s 4am!!!
“Are you mad?” Where to now?” I asked.
“It’s already late get up, I’ll tell you on the way, this track suit itself is enough, come on soon” she said.
I got up and sat, she pulled me out of the bed and pushed into the washroom. Then in 10min we where out, there were a few more people waiting for us. There was 3 Jeeps, one person settled all of us in those 3 Jeeps and it headed somewhere. We sat in the back of Jeep 3, the city roads dissappeared after 20mins and we were on this route that was of mud, the jeep was no more jeep it felt like traveling on a boat in a hurricane. Dancing up and down I hit my head twice, which woke me up, rubbing it with one hand and gripping myself with the other hand “Ok now tell me where are we headed, its all dark and what road is this?” I asked her.
“Just a place for trecking dear. The card you asked me about yesterday na! It’s this only v” she winked as she said.
“Ok you know trecking are supposed to be called so only when it takes place in a hill station! And we are in the coast place! Do you understand that???” I asked her.
She saw in the front, it was dark the people inside the jeep could barely see us, she leaned towards me kissed on my lips, “Have patience for a while, trust me” she said. The driver was talking about some stories about the place could barely hear because of the sound of the Jeep itself. After nearly a journey of 45min, the Jeeps stopped and the crew head had some torches and told “Ok folks now we walk, Jeeps can’t ride forward, let’s have some exercise”.
It was cold not shivering cold but good fresh chill breeze, it was 5:15am, the darkness slowly was fading the light spreading slowly. It was something similar to a tea/coffee estate to see but it wasn’t, instead it was a hill station kind, then a old sign board showed the direction to the “Escape place 2”. I was walking blindly and sleepy she was holding my hand and climbing the steep up, Then after 10mins of walk we reached a tower like building. It was all foggy, it’s brighter than before now! She drank water and gave me some too.
The man told “Folks, this is the best place you can ever see! For ‘sunrise’, which will happen in the next few minutes! Enjoy folks” he said.
“So it’s about the Sunrise ?” I asked her with a meh face.
“It’s not just about the sunrise!” she tilted my head towards a wide space filled with fog as she said.
Slowly the fog dissappeared, there were strokes of sunlight peaking here and there, some greens appeared one by one, a light house far stood tall, and beyond that was the wide spread blue sea, trying to touch the sky!!! I looked around it seemed to be a hill station, an altitude higher than the sea level! After a few minutes the sun was fully out, the fog dissappeared and it was just mesmerisingly beautiful sight! I was looking all these holding her hand, without me realizing I was holding her hand to my chest also had kissed it. She tapped me and handed me a folded paper! I opened it, there was something written.

"In this world of chaos,
Every Sunset & Moon rise,
Every Moon set & Sunrise,
Just remember this moment,
Inspite of everything that bothers Us,
For we holding hands & being there for eachother!

  • Your’s Cartoon!"

Tears rolled down my eyes, I looked at her, she had this divine smile on her, the sun rays made her eyes sparkle! I hugged her tight, “Love You, I will…” I said.
“Love you too! Sleepy head” she said with a laugh hugging me back!
“So you write??” We started to consversed…
That was a Beautiful Start for the day as well as the Days after that and so on.

“You can be in a Long Distance with the help of Virtual means, but once you sense a long distance in Virtually, just show up to your loved one! Making that Long Distance itself to vanish”.

“After all, What is even a relationship without being there for eachother at the time of need?”



This was such a good read.