The untouchable peak

I guess love is “the untouched peak” of a mountain. People march towards it with full determination in the beginning But as soon as the ice melts and things get worse, they quit.

love is Not for them who looks for gain and pleasure. Love is for them who pledge to walk through the path of it in spite of the difficulties.

Love is the untouched peak because, when both of them are in true love, you dont want it to end. True lovers prefer to keep climbing, they dont worry about the zenith because every zenith brings an end to a mountain and true lovers never want the path to end.

Thats why its untouched for those who seek to reach there. Because those who do, they fall eventually, because they see it as an accomplishment.
And those who love truly, they never want to reach the zenith.
Making love ," the untouchable peak" for every one.


Well said

amazing interesting post friend :slightly_smiling_face: