The Ultimatum.....πŸ˜‡

The incessant cascade of Love will merge finally with the Ultimatum , incorporating small small brooks leading to the absolute truth .

   - Shaheer Rafi 

Men from the time immemorial have been curious about the origin of the world(cosmogony), about Ontological secrets, about secrets of religious scriptures, about religion, about the existence of God etc,. This curiosity, led to the emergence of world religions of different nature, whether Monotheistic or polytheistic or paganistic or pluralistic or atheistic or agnostic etc etc . And for defining religion and establishing an authoritative supremacy, certain personalities emerge and they become the so called founder of a particular religion. And hence, they propound their own notion about the God . Religion is a very parochial thing, but spirituality is a more broader concept .But what happens, is that, we always misinterpret Spirituality/Spiritualism with religion. And each individual constructs, his/her idea of Spirituality according to his/her own temperament .Truth is always monistic in nature, but perceived pluralistically. If we analyse, the goals of all theisms, then we will find that all are leading to the same source .There are many paths to Spirituality. Reality is not a personality rather a principle . We need to perceive that infinitude, or else we will be puzzled by the conflicts of the religious heads and clash of religions . I am not saying to Stop dialogue or discourse on this topic but instead of inter- faith dialogue, we must focus on intra-faith dialogue . Scholasticism is the only way to resolve the problems of religious conflicts, if persued properly. That’s why I depicted in my quote that small small brooks like contrasting ideas finally merge into the water,which is the ultimate truth. And the tool which carries it, is Love . This is the most beautiful tool, which the human heart possess .

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Quite noticeable process and thought.

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