The Tie We Share

You and Me don’t just share the Friendship,
But we are Tangled with each other in a Tie.
I would be still lost if not for You, by my side.
As You also don’t know what actually You mean to Me.
Your scoldings though seemed unnecessary at First,
But now I know Your Heart behind those sweet words.
Your ignoring sure left Me in deep hurt,
But now I know You were the most who got hurt than Me.
You became My shield when I thought You were being ridiculous,
But now I know it was Me being ridiculous.
And I’m still in the process of knowing in You “My Savior”
As The Tie We Share is yet to find it’s End.
For which I’ll make sure we never find the End to this Tie.


how beautiful u written i seriously like it :heart_eyes: @eashapatil13

Beautifully penned. :heart: