The tale of us(don't think to be real one)

Mohit bought an antique gramophone yesterday. He had this Marie Jones vinyl record that someone had gifted him. It had been lying dust-ridden in a corner.

Marie Jones is crooning ‘come away with me’.

Mohit is lying on the hammock in the corner of our room. His eyes are closed. Our silence is no longer suffocating. For the first time, his silence seems to be holding me close in its warm embrace and it feels like home.

“Sita, do you think we stop loving someone?” Mohit asks breaking the silence.

I remain quiet for a while. Not sure if I have the right words to reply.

"I don’t think we ever stop loving a person. How can we when there are pieces of them left in us? Maybe our memories about them will have cobwebs and will get buried a little deeper. The pain will not be an open wound that still hurts. Maybe all we learn is to accept their absence and go on. Then one day it just won’t hurt as much. That love is still there somewhere in our heart, but buried in some corner. "

“Do you have parts of someone else in you Sita?” Shiv asks with a smile.

“Maybe. But isn’t that beautiful Mohit? When they left they took pieces of our heart, but they gave us pieces of theirs instead, pieces that they may never give someone else. Now when we think of them maybe we will smile or maybe shed a few tears, but we still have the best parts of them those parts that were only ours.”

“Isn’t love strange sits? We love knowing that they may leave yet we love like there is no end and it’s going to last forever.” Mohit asks a little pensive.

“Maybe that’s the thing Mohit, forever may not be years, it could also be a moment. A moment that made us happy. So what if after all, it was a forever they had with that person?”

“We are forever isn’t it?”

“Yes John, this is a forever.”

He has dozed off and I don’t think he heard me. I continue watching the stars. It’s a beautiful night.

Marie Jones is still singing.

‘Come away with me
and I’ll never stop loving you’.


Forever can be a moment. :heart: Wow, you girl! :heart:


Thank you so much :grin: riyu