The sun is shining

The sun is shining

you told me once
that I was your "sun"ㅡ
I had actually given light
to your darkest days
and let you feel that night
will just pass you by
and tomorrow will be
another great day.
I had given your cold heart
the warmth that it was looking forㅡ
it had fixed your shattered soul,
had lit the flicker of hope
in your core.
but you certainly didn’t know
that this Sun of yoursㅡ
that has also been
the source of your life’s light and warmth
is about to explodeㅡ
is about to die.

I just wish
that when that day finally come,
even if you meet another “sun”,
you won’t forget about my name.

I hope
you will always remember
how I had prayed to be with you
until hereafter—

and I am sorry,
for I won’t be able
to make it possible

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