The stranger

The stranger I never mate. We chat all the time. But you never gave me a chance. You was just a words on paper . You didn’t have a voice . You never gave us a chance . You took any happiness we have together . Sometimes I think how it will be if I have pick you . Maybe we will have be happy. Maybe we just foolish are self. You didn’t want to take that chance . Only one day you was willing to meet me. But my heart couldn’t do it. I couldn’t belive in you . How can I love someone who didn’t want to been since . Now we life with regard. You have someone and I have someone. You have words that touch me . But I want more. You couldn’t gave it to me . So I have to let you go . You are a stranger to me .You never let me in . So I moved on . But my minds think about what could happen. So many questions you couldn’t answer. You was mysterious. I didn’t want to be trip . How can I fall for you if I never see you? When I did hear your voice . It was hidden alot information. I couldn’t trust you . Did I like you? Yes I did . But we was living a lie. You have your life and I have mine . We was like to boat pass each other . I don’t know far we going. We never mate . Maybe we wasn’t supposed to. I keep your number for long time . To one day I drove it aways. I have to let go . Are relationships was only words . I wanted more from you . You couldn’t gave it to me. So I have no choose to let it go . Was it hard. Yes and no . For me to be happy I have to close that chapter. But you come close to my mind. I still remember your name . You will always be a stranger to me . I will never know what could have been .I made a choice and I don’t regret it . I wonder do you think about me . I will never know the answer. I just know there a stranger out there . Who have a face . That I could have mate . But life keep us apart. We only have words . Are memories is fade away . I have to keep moving forward. Maybe one days we will meet . I live in God hands . I hope where you at in this world . You find what you looking for . God seperird us for reasons . Maybe we was not meant for each other. Be happy in your life. Keep moving forward. Follow your journey. I am follow mine . To then you will always be a stranger to me. A men with no face . A men with words. I hope your words will make your happy in life. Because we will never mate. But are memories will always stay in past. We are stranger to each other . Are relationships start with words and ends with words.


Tbh I love your writings :heart:

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Thank you :blush: