The soul on the river bank

The breezy winds passed all around
Yet he was not at all feeling it
He walked through the shades
Of the trees in the moonlight
Later he stopped, reaching the
Streaming river, later he bends
Down dusting of the shoes
He notices the opposite
Side of river is glowing
He started staring the sides
He then put his hand on pocket
Taking out the lighter
Then he saw it become to form
A shape of a angel suddenly he
Realizes it was the soul which is
On the dazzling on the other side
He literally bent down and said
"Oh my soul please take all the painful
Thoughts away from me "


Great work bro :ok_hand::+1::+1:

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Hope the souls find peace. Beautifully expressed. Keep writing. :heart:


great sir :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: seriously oit of the box… @Adithyan_ks

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