The River Park!

I t was a pleasant evening, as the sun painted the sky with his yellow charm while we went out for the riverside park, where we sat on a stone bench situated on the brim of the river. I sat facing the calm flowing and he sat turning to the beautiful colorful flowers on the side of the river, but didn’t forget to entangle our fingers though we did share silence between us.
Random thoughts flowed just like the river in my mind, as we kept admiring the beauty of nature sitting opposite to each other. Suddenly I clutched his fingers tight as some nightmares scared me, I squeezed his fingers as if I was a kid frightened of getting lost in a funfair crowd.

He wasn’t tensed with my act, but reduced the gap between us and sat next to me. He didn’t disturb me by asking what happened, as he kept admiring his flowers as he put his left hand in a way my both hands around his to hold it more comfortably. My tears wet his shirt, yet he didn’t take any effort to ask about it.

“Maruvaarthai Pesade, Madimeedhu Nee tungiduu…”( you can imagine your own favorite song ) I hear him sing the song which he refused many times before to sing whenever I asked him; in a soft melody voice so that only I can hear. The song always comforted me, but in his voice maybe it was all what I needed very much. I placed a kiss on his shoulders as I hear him sing it for me. My thoughts vanished, the reason behind my tears vanished so did my tears.

“Your sun hid inside the river and the moon showed up to love my flowers, shall we also move?” He asked me as his chin rested on my head for a while. I tried to look up to him, while he noticed my tear droplets on my cheeks, he stood, came in front of me, knelt down before me (Even after kneeling down, his face was straight in line with mine) he held my face in his hands, I didn’t want to see him, I closed my eyes. I felt his thumbs rub those tears away. He called me by the pet name he named me with;

“Hmmmm” replied I. He placed a kiss on my third eye, I opened my eyes, saw him.

“Shall we?” he asked again.

I just nodded my head in yes to his question. He helped me stand up.

“I feel hungry” I said. He smiled at me, put his left hand on my shoulder and right hand on my belly bump and asked “Is it you or my Baby?”
I stared at him and said “Both!!”
He knew that I was getting angry as I was hungry, he laughed “Ha ha ha, okay come we’ll go home”

We went home, soon he got freshened up and brought the food from kitchen, to the dining and sat opposite to me so that he can feed me easily. He started feeding me with his hands, the first two times I swallowed, but the third time I wasn’t done, so I held his hand and signed him to wait so that I can chew and swallow the food slowly.
He was seeing me eat the food as he kept the plate on the table, supporting his cheeks with his left hand, he waited for me with food on the other hand.

Meanwhile… “So you were mad at me, just because my office trip got extended and I wasn’t home as I said?”

“You missed me so much dear?”

“Didn’t you?” he asked me.

“No!! why would I miss you, anyway I hate you!!. It was your baby who was missing you! and Not Me!!” . I said.

“Okay dear” He replied and resumed feeding me.

Soon I hear two voices from the kitchen in chorus “Is it?, It was the Baby then? You never told us dear!!!” , It was both our mothers making fun at me for saying so. Because they knew the truth behind my madness!!
While I kept quite eating as he fed, all the three laughed at me. I wasn’t happy at this so I turned after finish eating, he came and hugged me as I still sat on the chair…

“Yaa, Okay ladies don’t make fun of my dear one, she told na!!! It wasn’t her, It was the Baby” and burst out in laughter again as he couldn’t control himself. Even I laughed n hugged him at last.

He knew the reason why I clutched his fingers so hard, reason behind my tears at the park. And that is why he sang my favorite song which only he knew that it would comfort me, without even a word exchanged.

Sometimes everything will be absolutely normal only in the presence of your loved one.


Ohh my… Very well narrated :ok_hand::ok_hand: just loved it :orange_heart:

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Well to be very honest, I’m much better in Hindi content and not so good with English content. But, this story is so simple and very nicely narrated and I enjoyed reading it a lot. a perfect blend of love, care, respect, feelings are there and are very nicely composed.
surly, you did a very nice job and I will recommend this to others to read. also, until I read this I was in the wrong direction to consider you, my male friend :sweat_smile:, I was about to write bro earlier to credit you.
you write so well and this story is so awesome and interesting. :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Thank you :blush:

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:joy:, Thank You!!!

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