The red curve of silence

the speaking of trustworthyness ,climbed every ringle of dusk
as the thought rises above belief must hide or show your face
the thought that lingers
teases the dark moodways , not to be confused of awaited time until
the manifested stars above , wane like the ocean’s stillness
talking to soon to be to late
walking the earth , till love embraced the silent whispers
the moon calculated the sun , and eases within
sweetness reveals itself , for the taste of sorrow , is
like dawning honey on springs tide
walk with me , change your desire to pure
bewilderment’s passion …the leaping stars mingle
through eachouther ,and i keep distances clear as rain
the voice that i follow
the night i indure with the finch of fall
drains the floor ,sets you up
make believe that somebodey special
might pop up out though the glances of faith
you need me more then anything now
like my raindove happyness
as my bluehill jokes
so suddinly

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This is just so beautiful