This should be stopped.
The law should be changed.
Those monsters should be punished.
And a bundle of flooding hashtags.
Posting pictures to spreading news.
We stay put being the part of social outrage.

Isn’t this what we do?
When another girl is raped?
Isn’t this what our statements are?
When another girl is murdered?
Be it Nirbhaya, Asifa, Priyanka or Kamduni.
Justice isn’t served and will never be.

Justice won’t be served,
Till these psychopaths walk around.
You say ‘encounter’ is a foreign word?
F✷ck your law and f✷ck your dictionary.
F*ck your general prudence.
Try to be the ministry who runs the law,
Not the coppers that gets overruled by the law.

You said it’s her fault,
To be out alone at night.
Why you stayed put when she was raped in f**king daylight?
You said she provoked your manhood,
By wearing short dresses.
Why were you silent when she was raped although wearing a burkha?
You said she was too mature and provoking.
Then what did infants do that you felt utterly provoking?
You always said it was all her fault.
Why didn’t you just notice the faults in all your mentality?
Lastly you said, she should accept rape;
Maybe that can avoid murder anyways.
Bloody, come out of your psychopathic mentality.

Why can’t our girls go out alone at night?
Without any fear.
Why can’t our girls wear what she likes?
Without any constraints.
Why can’t our girls walk the road of their own country?
Without any danger.
Why does we girls don’t feel safe anymore in our own land?
And you still blame us for our faulty trust level and over-protrectiveness.

Place your hand on your heart, think with the bit of honesty left.
Was the six year old too provoking to handle?
Or was the baby in a diaper little too desperate?
Well, government even made external marital affairs legal.
Thinking it would lower the heinous crime rate.

Come on! Society, grow up.
Learn to handle your hormones.
Get hold onto your testosterone levels.
True patriarchy doesn’t exist anymore.
And whatever exists won’t exist long,
If men keeps turning into demons.


so hard and straight
but its what we need to address immediately
it’s not only about rape or girls has to suffer
lives are lost which is a way too big problem.

girls are an important part of our life, family, society and well being
but minds are waste nowadays, leading to such crimes and mishappenings

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I don’t know…just had this in mind after the news of so Many rape cases in all over India. I even stopped reading newspaper (well, except sports, films and business page) , cuz it’s way too depressing to see all these rapes and murders and political fight going on…the very first thing every morning.

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I know how much it hurts
Plus it creates a negative environment

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