The quiz world cup 2020

This tournament is the biggest championship of Quiz that takes place in span of every 4 years and the event host is chosen by the electoral process for the visually impaired where pannel of members represent themselves as representatives of nation states select the same and advice the procession of the next place to be held which goes on to the nominal process and is ultimately reviewed and agreed in the place and country chosen which shows the intensity and ability by which this tournament is being considered in the community of the visually impaired as well.
The world cup of the Quizzing like sport means a lot to any country and although in some countries the nationalist nature is lesser known yet the role of such a big tournament where every time almost more than 100 countries participate is a big thing to do even in the world of the visually impaired and has its own role and the country chosen to host is a unique honour to be amongst representing such a big tournament itself.
The last time this world cup was held was in India back in the year 2016 and the country chosen for the world cup in 2020 is going to be Belgium where it will be hosted in different cities and should represent its own value in virtual presence showing its intent and stability for its wider prominence.
Also it will include longer knock out proceedings starting from round of 64, moving on to round of 32, then pre quarter finals, then quarter finals and then semi final and finals, and the maximum tie breaker formulas would be applied with the beginning phases being the braille round and the typing round respectively, and a certain theme and symbol would be alotted for the world cup in the month of March to represent the same as well.
Hence the quiz world cup is a big tournament to hoste, this time in the year 2020 around 120 teams are going to participate represented by equal number of countries, and each team is allowed to bring 3 reserve players along side the 5 chosen players who have performed the best in the span of the last four years past as a basic criteria, and hence the tournament will take place from 30th of march to 3rd of April in around 5 days in six different spots, and shall be of great honour for all competitive personnels involved, thus hoping for all to go great in such a big tournament and return of Indian captain for such a big championship to look forward, for now its cheers from charlie to all…


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