The Quarantine

It’s exactly 3:10. It’s raining outside. Fierce and strong gusts of winds beating against the window panes. The bolts of thunder and lightning isn’t making me flinch. It’s tonight, March 21st, 2020 or more accurately already March 22nd. Here I am sitting by the large windows in my room, watching the water droplets fall to the ground with magnificent speed and force as like shooting thousands of arrows from the sky or like thousands of shooting stars suddenly fell to the ground. I, I am reading Jane Austen’s Emma but nature is so provoking. She’s almost hypnotising me to look at her, admire her and feel her. The world’s in danger right now, The Novel Corona Virus Pandemic. There goes a old saying, Whatever happens, happens for our own good. I hope there’s something good in this too. We complain too much, ain’t we? Even staying quarantined isn’t acceptable by us. Well, ever read ‘The Bet’ by Anton Chekhov? The lawyer there had spend 15 years of his life in solitary confinement just because of a bet. I must say he came out more knowledgeable and experienced. Experienced about life, and about himself. He discovered things he never knew before, a different side of life and all in all he discovered himself, truly. God’s giving everyone time, the nature’s giving a chance, why not discover ourselves? Think about what we do and what we should do? Think about what we need and what we want? Why not discover the real us? Make this quarantine period, worth it.


Great! :heart: