The Quantam of the Seas 🌊

She is so beautiful,
Be it night or day…

She is so huge and magnificent,
Fifteen floors and a observation capsule on top!

Sailing smoothly on the ocean,
So graceful her movements, you never ever feel,

You feel her move at times, when all around is quiet,
But that’s such a lovely feel, you will love it very much !

She has lots and lots to offer you,
Be it good food, stay and fun…

There are many things to shop too,
From big diamonds to tiny stoles!

There’s lots of entertainment there,
Music, dance , movies and live shows,

So many jacuzzis and swimming pools,
There is a running track and wall climbing too!

The ship crew is so polite and humble,
You have to see it, it’s just incredible,

I could see the guests sometimes unruly,
But the crew members were patient throughout !

I loved my time spent with you sailing,
It was one of my best trips I ever had,

I wish to get back to you again,
Early morning to watch the sunrise from my deck!

Jacqueline Lobo John


Thank you Gurgyot :blush:

So beautiful. :relieved:

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You should go on a cruise trip to see the beauty of the ship :+1:

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Definitely. :heart: @Jacqueline

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