The power of Love

I believe in the power of love,
I know God’s power is invincible
But so as is the power of love .
I admit that love has a powerful magic,
It has the power to transcend.
Yes. It has the power to transcend
space and time .
I accredit that power of love composes
‘The Earth’ to orbit around the Sun
causing the rotation and the revolution.
Without love, the Earth would have only been a ‘Sepulcher’.
I count on that- On the cosmos,
the power of love is omnipotent,
not only with sapiens- but also
amongst all creatures: the birds,
the animals, the grass, the wood
the blossoms and the entirety.
I believe in the power of love
saying that removing love
fom your life’s dream would
only amputate growth;
I presume that the power of love
is not a fancy tone;
is neither luxury nor poor
but in turn it supplies the power,-
The power of being modest-
It’s not that it’s fit for any queen or king
but bridges any heart and any mind.
I proclaimed that eliminating-
Eliminating love from any work
would leave behind only junk.
If not for the power of love,
Japan would have remained a debris
after the devastating cessation.
I believe in the power of love
as it makes life more charismatic
by spreading its fragrance of love
in all quarters and ubiquitously.
Mahatma Gandhi trumpeted with the
powerful wand of love:
" The day the power of love
over rules the love of power-
The world will know peace".
What a clairvoyant he was!
I also believe in the immeasurable
power of true love only
can sustain hardships
and can reach any destination.
It has been passed down
through text and words of mouth-
that no matter how strong
the weapons might be;
the hatred, outcome of weapons,
can be rebuffed.
But how?
Only through the power of love.
It is said that Darkness of the place can’t be
chased away through darkness-
A light is needed and hence
The power of love is used.
We must ferret out the power of love.
The power of love should be a power of
Yes, the love should always redemptive.
It should transform this old world, full of all kind of
diifferences and allegations, into a new world
where the men and women should be better and the best.
To harness the entire world, we should be
equipped with a thing that could emit the
highest piety and exaltation.
But which could dispense a power to harness?
I guess and believe it is only, the power of love.
It has no walls, no vigil gates, no boundaries;
It can jump, leap, can penetrate the walls of
grudge between countries.
It also help us to reach our destination
where the love serves a bliss and
also accords light at the end of a life’s
dark tunnel.
Anything named as fate can batter
the entire life and tore it into pieces.
But we are salvaged with a thing.
We ,everyone, are bequested with a
Boon. It’s the infinite power of love.
It’s innate and inborn.
The impact of the love can help us
to heal and help one another.
Be in love with your life,
Piece by piece of it;
be an altruist,
not with bankroll alone,
An altruist in
giving and receiving the love,
Believing strongly in a thing-
The thing being THE POWER OF LOVE!


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