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No-one can just don’t understand, right? The people that meet you, look at your persona, the confidence and appreciate you for being so strong and happy. The people you work with on a daily basis know you as an efficient and cheerful colleague. Your relatives think you are a bit too modern. They behave as if they are very open-minded about it, but all they do is gossip about how you don’t understand the Indian culture.

If only any of these people knew the real you! If only they knew that the facade of being strong is the only way you know to survive without letting people walk all over you. That you have to go and hide in the washroom to cry because you don’t want people to see your weakness. That you feel your life is falling apart, with no one who really understands you or loves you, with you constantly thinking of leaving your job and following your dreams which you can’t because your financial independence is of utmost importance. That you love the Indian culture without its taboos, and that you prefer having less people in your life, but want those to be your real friends for life. That you would do anything for your family, but they just don’t understand your concept of independence and why you don’t want to get married. That you feel depressed, lonely, broken every other night, but you start a new day like it’s all perfect and let the world only see the other you.

Of course you’re strong, no doubt about that. It takes courage to handle all of the life challenges all alone, and still be positive about what the future will bring.

But maybe, just maybe for once, it is also okay to be weak. It is okay to cry before someone, to let them know you’re hurting. It could be a friend, family member or even a stranger like me. Find someone who can just listen to you without judging you or comforting you, who will help you with the solutions rather than tell you that it’s okay. We can all change the world, one person at a time, but our strength is with each other, and fighting alone has never helped people.

So, it’s okay to not be okay, but there’s always a way around if you share.



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