The people i once knew

When I was younger nothing was impossible
the people I knew were the best they could ever be, but only transiently.
As I grew the people I knew were not the same.
A deep darkness in them started to manifest .
I quivered in fear as I knew not what they were
the dreams I had were the only constant in my life or so I thought
but those who changed, changed my dreams .
Now my dreams was nothing but darkness and pain that stretches for eons inside my brain.
I long to end this life of mine to live far away from this darkness of life.


Growing up is tough but all will be adjusted with time. Time is everything, keep working hard and look forward, have faith. All will be ok one day. A good piece of writing. Keep it up. :heavy_heart_exclamation: @Sharon


Thank you so much,that’s very encouraging


I wish to travel to Byzantium too.
Good work

amazing interesting post friend :slightly_smiling_face: