The occto cell shield for Quiz world cup arrangements

Amidst all the problems looming and the virus spreading so fast many people might have considered how this quiz world cup be made possible or is there any pattern that should be applied? Although to many the signitorial process has already been informed in the earlier blogs, but the medical technology that should be applied to make this quiz world cup possible with participation of 120 countries is not yet mentioned, and hence to make it clear how things work we are going to explain to all in this particular article about a technical aspiration developed in Russia that is known as The Octo cell shield and that will be a key discussion of the whole article that will enable them to understand its role and the way it will help the smooth conduct of The Quiz world cup of visually impaired from 30th March to 3rd of April 2020 in 6 cities of Belgium.
This technology that is designed by Sir. C. K. Pashnikov and his team is a lined helmet gear which is able to cover the entire micron of the SARS Covid 2. and it is designed in the eight lines of cell shield to make sure that the virus not go inside your body and a specific sensor machine installed in the cell shield assures that a person ware it with ease and make sure that he or she not get infected, hence what will happen by using this gear that a person who is in the virus effected area would be able to trace the virus, would be able to detect its level and the pattern of the Anti viral formation is designed in the laser form in the helement gear that would ultimately destroy the virus without its even reaching to the nose, throat or other parts of mouth which makes it a unique design, and it has made its impact already in Russia and North Korea depleting the numbers and risking the lesser lives which shows its potency around.
After some brief discussions with Honorary Putin sir the president of Russia and the International Quiz Federation and the medical staff of consultations in the I Q F, it has agreed to have these helmet gears necesary for the indoor 5 day sporting event to take place in 6 cities of Belgium and all the players are issued an advisery in leadership of their captains to first receive the helmet gear, then learn how to use them to destroy the corona range, and also use it effectively across the nation to which they are travelling, and the step is a positive sentiment with Russia and China both coordinating with such anti virus formations that are installed in the helmet gear with 8 lines of cell shields and they are effective which will help the world cup be conducted smoothly without any problems and all would go great even in these difficult times to arrange such a huge tournament in a beautiful country like Belgium.
Thus on the last meeting held for India with captain Mr. Pant and all the team members present, a distribution session was arranged on the spot where Mr. Pant first demonstrated how to arrange the eight cell lines in the helmet gear and also explained the role of the front light flash and laser gear attached to destroy the virus and the potency in form of anti viral formation added, and with all arrangements done and the head coach also satisfied the team is ready to be part of a memory that they wish to be part of in gap of every four years and with all challenges looming ahead and forward their preparedness is on the front, till more such updates and facts related to the Quiz world cup come by for now like it is said to all its cheers from charlie, stay safe be committed and let the nation breathe… Bharat Mata ki jay. Be an Incredible Indian in these times…

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