The Night- The Closest Friend 🖤

The night, the deepest hour,
Isn’t actually the closest friend of yours?
It talks, if you listen,
It listens, if you talk;
And it never gets tired of listening.
It never complaints why so quiet you are today!
It asks, ‘How your day was?’
If you remain silent, it waits,
Waits till your eyes speak to it;
Tears from your eyes make their way to its lap,
And it smiles, holding them tight…
You say, “It was good or may be it will be one day!”
It listens and hugs you tight, says, “It will be”.
And you feel safe within its arms, dark arms,
You can feel your breaths getting softer by now,
You aren’t afraid of the world, it’s so calm,
You’re now smiling with it, looking outside the window,
And the night makes you sleep into its lap, all of a sudden.
Deep down you need a friend of your own,
This hour of the night, this dark night can be the one…



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:heart::heart: @Twisha_Ray

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