The magnetic theory

They sat on the corridor
Without interacting
Like the magnetic reflection
Then slowly the pet of her
Come close to her try to
Hold to join with the hand
Of him she beaten him
He didn’t give up
He went to him with
Licking the hands
He understands the feelings of
Him he then grabbed him closer
He then started caring him
She noticed him, she felt sorrow
In her like the stone on her heart
Later she tries to grasp his body
He realizes it was over
She said sry to him
Then they attached further
She hugged him and told him
"It was mine mistakes i didn’t get you. "
He then touched her lips "it was i who
Want to tell you sry "
Later he kissed her on forehead
Later they attracted
He sees they are attracted
He then comes in between them sat on the lap
They all together then count the star’s in the dark night

Note to readers:- here i mentioned dog as him as u read thoroughly
Please read with full intensity
U will get a good feeling
Hopefully you’re
Writer :- @Adithyan_ks


Intense yet cute! It’s the bond you have shown that is so beautiful. Keep writing poems too. :heart:

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Thanks @unknown_soul

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: u really beautifully discribe about dogs feeling very nice sir @Adithyan_ks

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Thank you @sharma.kanika0404 :heartpulse:

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