The love that is beyond words

“You are my world,” she said to him as he eventually arrived at the airport.

“You are my happiness,” he said and his smile dilated her pupils. Both of them hugged tighter than her black dress did and proceeded for boarding.

The two of them were checked into a five-star hotel for two weeks. Posing as newlyweds on their honeymoon, the secret agents had perfect cover-up to avoid any raised eyebrows for not leaving their hotel room.

Agent Ellora and Agent Zeb walked into the hotel reception wrapped in each other’s arms. They kissed as soon as they entered the hotel room and danced around the room, kissing and hugging each other.

“All clear,” she said and the kissing stopped.

With various individual missions gone awry on previous occasions, the combat agency and the intelligence agency decided to tie the knot, albeit with a prenup.

It was called Operation Caves to find the informant for the enemy nation.

“You are my world.”

“You are my happiness.”

They exchanged the same words for the umpteenth time in ten days. The code words given to them to identify each other for the first time had now become the catchphrase of their love.

“Don’t go,” she held him under the sheets as he was about to leave for the routine morning jog.


“Because you are my love.”

“And you are my happiness.”

“What is to become of us? When all this will be over in a few days?” he asked.

Having joined the agency at a young age, he had never had the opportunity to fall in love. ‘It’s a time taking process,’ he always used to tell himself. And there he was, falling every day for someone he wasn’t supposed to.

But that’s love; you can’t calculate, control or predict it.

“We will be together,” she said, not looking in his eyes.

“How? You don’t even know my name.”

“We aren’t supposed to.”

“And is this supposed to?” he got up and sat on the couch.

“My name is Elizabeth”

“And I am Dhrubo

“I am not kidding. My real name is Ellora. It just happened to coincide with the project and we thought to hide in the plain sight.”

“Tell me more about you,” he said, pulling her closer to his chest and signing his name on her exposed back.

“My grandpa gave me that name. He used to call me El and all our cousins were also named by him. Elva, Eshan.

“I only like Elizabeth,” he said before he threw her on the bed.

“Take care,” she said with a grin on her face.

“Don’t look so grim. I will be back in an hour.”

“I know,” she said, faking a smile for the first time since she was around him.

While coming back to the hotel, the usual juice stall was not there for the first time in ten days. He didn’t make much of it until he returned to the hotel room.

She was gone with no traces being left behind; not even a strand of her hair. It was a perfect job of ghosting. The intelligence team had completed the team task individually.

“You are my world, Ajanta. Take care.” read a message from an unknown number.

In her last note, signed under the name Ellora, she had proved the worth of intelligence unit. Not only had her agency got the job done she had also decoded the movement of his fingers.

He was glad that unlike her agency; she decided to leave a trace of her.

Years later, in a new city, Ajanta logs in on social media to search for Elva, Eshan and Ema on social media hoping to find some news of Ellora.

Operation Caves had taught him one thing - falling in love is not a time taking process;

Falling out of love is a bliss really


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