The lost girl

When I started, I had no idea how to do this.
Because your memories are unbearable
They said, “you’ve been through this earlier. You’ll get through this too.”

But every heartbreak is different. Every fight is a battlefield of unknown entities. Rough, tough, seamless, no matter how many adjectives I use to describe it, the pain isn’t gonna simmer down, like the passionate fire of our love did. It was there for a few months & then got extinguished. Some said it there was never a flame, but I had felt the warmth of it. It still lingers onto my skin in those sleepless nights. Crawls up to my ear & whispers. Prayers of heaven? Hell, perhaps.

Then I roll to the other side of the bed. Close my eyes. I see you. Us. Together. Forever. I dream of the eternity that I used to imagine. I dream of new goals of my life but you know when i Google your thoughts i feel you are happy it’s ok you too be villan in my life thanks for that


Intense which wrenching my heart while reading. Such feelings touched my heart💔

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Thank you so much :grin:

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My pleasure to read it❤️