The lightboom band's show on New year eve

It was from one week prior that on Mr. Pant’s social group of the Musical team A discussion has started to plan to celebrate the new year eve and after doing all the formalities He informed his team that they are going to have a 2 hour and 30 minutes music night on 31st December eve and the team was prepared and was ready to go with bang of the all songs written by Mr. Pant in 2019 which was going to be a great fun altogether.
Thence after planning all well, analysing who can come into the function and who may be able to catch digitally, and all going to perfection, Mr. Pant on evening of the last day went back to his technology and reached Mumbai via short connecting flight where he first arranged instruments with team members and then setting the stage felt pleased that all is going to be well and all now awaits was a cracking evening to come and give great delight indeed.
Once the crowd has been filled,all tickets were sold and it was packed in the Mumbai office stadium, it was time to go bang, and the function began with a brief presentation prepared by office on the performances done by the band whether in India or global in the year, and the crowd roared with delight enjoying the same.
After that presentation, one more took place that showed the enthusiasm for the new year eve show and the expectations of all the band members from the xrowd was also in it, and the people who had come roared in cheer as each member’s voice could be heard, and as soon as this presentation ended one by one all members had started to fill in by walking in for the great evening in procession and it was not far now when the musical show of it’s grand furver would begin.
Once that was done in quick succession, it was time now for a launch session and for that a prominent celebrity stepped on stage where a short photo album, a presentation on band’s calibre and the group music covers were launched and as they were shown to the crowd, loud cheers reached to Mr. Pant and his team mates ears and they were all smiling filling in with the joy that was spreading to all corners.
To make it more grand, Mr. Pant on stage turned towards the crowd and first gratified them, which was responded with great ‘we are here’ noises from the crowd, and then a thanking presentation for being present in all concerts of the year was done and now it was all over and noises were increasing and the show was just going to be on and ‘lets go boom’ from Mr. Pant was announced and the musical performances had begun.
The show comprised of around 1 hour itself and had around 12 songs performed that were all written by Mr. Pant in the year 2019 and as the song moved one by one Mr. Pant got involved himself greeting and talking with personalities who have come to make their mood great and kept giving the sign cards of the band around as his duty to the team, and as the noise went higher with each song he smiled and enjoyed his coffee, cheese burger, chocolates and toasts to comfort him and it was all joyous being part of such a moment for him, and as the hour was coming to the close the happy time was also tilting back to the normal one.
In the last hour, the honours were distributed by prominent agencies who have been part of the show, each member one by one stepped down from the stage and received his or her check and momento, and with Mr. pant on stage giving a small contribution to charity and receiving his own medal, it was getting over, all gratified both the organisers from Mr. Pant’s Mumbai offices and crowd, they promised to be back very soon and with cheers from all it was over, and like it is said for now it’s cheers from charlie…


I’m Impressed!


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