The lightboom band's show on Children's day 2019

A week prior to the great ocasion of Childrens’ day that takes place every year on 14th of November, Mr. Pamt with his teammates on an online discussion forum decided to get together and make it a crack on the same day to perform as a band on stage in their own public place in mumbai and after agreement from all the band members and other staff as well as advertise team it was decided to plan the event and make it a bang on the Childrens’ day in 2019.
On the afternoon of the same day, hence Mr. Pant used his technology to be with his team on the spot, discussed the pre arrangement for the event to take place and with satisfied that all would be great with such a fantastic team to do all phenomenal Mr. Pant prepared himself to be part of one more cherished memory to come in form of his band performing on this auspicious day itself.
Yet To Mr. Pant as well as his team, when they arrived on the venue it was already packed and most of the music lover who know ‘The lightBoom band’ has come to know somehow which was also good and after consulting the organisers and the advertise team, the band group came to know that the performance was going to be of 2 hour in which 1st hour would include introductions and the next hour should include the performance of around 1 songs from each member of the whole team which was going to be a cracker, So let’s live those memories back and step by step enjoy them here.
In the first happening hour, the show began from a brief welcome of the band in high voices with crowd jeerings and enjoying for 15 minutes, then a short presentation was played on the dice showing some Musical celebrities apreciating the band and hoping for it’s more impact, Next another presentation was played that was on expectation of the team on the performance of the same day, and last the whole team one by one on stage gathered and started to jeer the crowd and the noises began to go loud so the mood of the Lightboom band was on the top and was ready for the bang.
In the 2nd hour the team performed 10 different songs in different ways where combine and single performances all got counted, as counting them back 4 songs were on Indian conditions, the 4 other songs were on the love and melody from the album known as ‘Meri Kahani’ that was written by Mr. pant and 2 other songs were presented, and it was all fun with crowd shouting as well as band members laughing and enjoying, and Mr. Pant kept enjoying coffee and snacks smiling on the grace of it all which was all a great memory to be part of and celebrate as well.
Lastly the evening was getting dark, the time was moving fast and with smiles and photographs all around, some rewards by the prominent members of Music networks presented in front, and with appreciating all the crowd with gratitude expressed both by Mr. Pant and his team it was all over and the childrens’ day of 2019 was made memorable by the Lightboom band by their phenomenal performance on such a great day at large…


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