The lightboom band gig in Mumbai

On this festive Holy ocasion we as a musical team want it to make it a cracking evening-
After it’s great influence and performance as a visually impaired team of great musicians in Philippines, We wish it to be a bang also in our country by equal impressions of cultural stature.
With equal response, cultural essence as well as with all the glory to impress upon by your support we wish it to be a great evening after you all have indulged yourself in Holy in the afternoon time for which we shall be greatful.
And also for a memory to remember long, We hope you will give us your equal support and love as we go for this musical gig happening on the festive moment of Holy in Mumbai.

Thence we bring you 2 live hours of music, sound performances and cultural performances.
There are certain local fames who will be joining us along also willing to burn the stage by their presence.
Some great tallent to look for as they wish to make it a night of great melody.
And ultimately a moment to cherish that will light your mood on evening of this festive ocasion by presence of many great people wishing it to be a great evening by your enthusiasm as well.

Thus guys get ready as The Lightboom Band comes to Mumbai on 20th of March making it’s evening equally festive.
Eager to see you all at certain location for this venture in large numbers if possible.
I am sure it will be great in all respects and Hope you equally looking forward as we are as a team.
See you all there…


Thanks for all this @saurabhpant94
Yes it’s really awesome and will be fantastic night.
Only problem for me is Mumbai-Delhi distance.

thanks a lot bro, no worries, memoir on that shall come here soon

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