The leap

The Leap

Time!!! You never stand by
A big thief of days,
you took all my moments
of golden dust away.
You slipped out of my window
and watching you going is very
I can’t find my ice-cream
sellers,rhyme books,little
games and those swings .
I find them broken now.
Time you can’t heal my wound
even by reversing your sharp
sword .
but you have cut all my swings
with your
gush thing.
What can you return to me???
My running preasent or That
You left me paralysed lying in
kudos to your plans .
Now you laugh at your mind ,
Shamelessly !!!
I want all those chirping
dawn and dusty dusk,
you have doomed them into
turned pages of calendar.
And now i am all by myself,
looking for all things.
But i see the street is just
All the childhood have
grown .
buds are flowers now
no games ,no marbles ,no
And they say you have theft
them all.
Then what do i see???
I looked at myself,
i couldn’t count it??
The changed figure!!
You have washed away me too.
You have taken away me too ,
you said you want me to have
pace with you .
But i took a gap ,a rest,a sign!!
I sat here ,you moved there,
and i have been still here to
find out the lost memories !!!

© Kavita verma