The Lazy Morning

It was a lazy Thursday morning where I was in a confusion whether to go for work or not…! I had rondom thoughts of her running in my mind along with.
By the time it was around 10am while I received my breakfast I ordered. Kept it in the kitchen, looked around my house, it was messy like anything though it is just a 3 room house, yes a typical bachelor’s room. With clothes hanging here and there, foldable bed on the floor with loptop and other stuffs laying around it. Made my way to my bed and lyed, took my phone which was in charge beside my bed and started scrolling it. I couldn’t stop thinking her, suddenly I got a call; it was her, I was smiling without my knowledge, answered it. " Hello…"
“Where are you?” She asked!
“In my room only, sitting all alone” I said.
“Why? Didn’t you go for work?” She asked.
“Nope, was thinking but now decided not to go” said I.
She laughed and said me lazy and shared some usual stuff and hang up the call.

I searched for my wrist watch to see the time, though I had mobile in hand don’t know why I was searching for my wrist watch. Found it under the pillow saw it it was 10:20am. I missed her slightly…

Soon then the door bell rang. “Ding Dong”. I had no idea who it would be, wasn’t even cared just opened it.
“Hi”… She said
( It was her!!!, in a blue top and black jean with her laptop bag on her back, braided hairs and a wide smile on her face, as always. I was surprised how she was here, was just staring at her without a word, with heart beating as fast as it can. )
She simply came it kept her backpack beside my bed and asked “Aren’t you coming in ??”
I closed the door and asked “how did you? Just now you called, you didn’t even tell that you are coming? Are you on leave today?..” While she pushed me to the wall and shut my mouth with her right hand, the other around my waist, (she is short that her head stops to my chest) she said “too many questions…” and hugged me, she closed her eyes and rested herself on me.
I wasn’t able to speak anything instead put my hands around her and hug back, feel her breathing, drink all her fragrance, her face smiling and relaxed her tiny hairs on the forehead which was dancing for the fan. I moved those tiny hairs and kissed her forehead. She just shook like a sleeping baby and hugged me tighter. I smiled and rested my chin on her head, it was like a stand ;).

To be continued…

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Falling for it already! :heart:

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