The Lazy Morning (Part 2)

Moment of silence, until she tried to kiss my forehead, leaning and tip toed, I liked to play so I was up straight and was pretending I wasn’t aware of she trying. She got angry when I bursted into laughter, pushed me and locked herself in the other room! I called her, knocked the door, all I could hear was “I hate you”… And I still laughing, said “But I love you”.
She came out after a few minutes, as she had already slipped into one of my night pants from her jeans! It was rather good on her.
“I thought you were angry” said I.
“Yes it cost your pant” and went to the kitchen beside, took my breakfast parcel “and your food” she said.
“Ok but you didn’t answer my questions yet” I asked her as she sat down on the bed settled for eating. She sighed me to sit down and I sat next to her left. “I decided morning itself to see you, so took leave, came here. I was standing down when I called you, once you told that you have also decided so, I came upstairs. Simple” she said as she fed me first. Then within a few minutes she completed my breakfast without sharing me except the first time. Though I was very much hungry, I let her eat first, once she was finished I asked her “Done?”
She “Yes… Nice food by the way”
“What about my hunger now” I asked her with a little upset face.
But she didn’t care, got up and went to kitchen. “Open my bag, there’s a box” she said as she came back washing her hands and stood before me.
I soon open it, took it out, it was my favourite food also was in a hotpack, it was warm too. I brought it near my face, the fresh aroma of the food…“Ahaahaha…” I was happy like anything, looked at her and gave her a wide smile :-D.
“Thought that you could have home made food atleast for today ;)” she said as she knelt down to me and finally kissed me! I smiled and started eating.
She sat beside me for a while and then started to clean up my messy room. Of course she scolded me without even a word changed while cleaning¯_(ツ)_/¯, like she always did when she comes here. And whenever I think I miss my mom, she reminds me of her by scolding, just in the same way, for messing up the room.
It was about 11:15am when I saw the watch before heading to kitchen to wash my hands as well her box. Suddenly I felt a silence, just like that calmness before a Strom, I just washed my hand and put her box unwashed in the sink, drank water and walked to the room beside she was almost done cleaning. I stood at the door, she was facing the window straight opposite to me, I could see she was holding something in her hand. But I couldn’t recognise it, as she stood turned. By the time I was about to ask, she called “Dear…”( I could sense that, that dear wasn’t of love indeed )
I said “Yes…” in a confused tone, “What are these doing here?” She asked with her eyebrows raised, while she turned to me.

To be continued…


Can’t wait! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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