The Lazy Morning (final part)

“What are these doing here?” She asked with her eyebrows raised as she turned to me…
(All I knew was that I am dead because she found that box of glass painting which she told me several times to dispose of. But I didn’t, she believes its a bad sign to have broken/cracked glass items at home. Little did she know that those were her selection indeed.)
“Ahh… Actually… I…” ( I was stammering, heartbeats raised, she was red angry, though I didn’t have the guts to tell her that it reminds me of the moment, the very first time I saw her).
She just laid the box out of reluctance on the table beside, walked out of the room angrily just like as if she was done with me.
(I was blank, I had to convince her but she was in no mood to listen anyway)
I tried to stop her, but she didn’t, I pulled her hand “Dear…” but she wouldn’t stop. I had no way, I just pulled her by hand from behind and carried her on my back while she scolded me “Put me down” banging by back with her wrists.
I walked to my bed, put her down, she was in a hurry to move away trying to push me, while I gripped her hands, held them above her head and sat on her so that she neither gets up nor she feels my weight. She still wasn’t done with escaping, I kept watching her, smiling at her. She became still angrier tried to push me down and finally when she was done trying, her breathing was so fast, she was tired “I hate you,” she said looking at me, I leaned towards her, only 3inch gap between us, her breath and my heartbeat were in sync. I could drink all her fragrance, she closed her eyes tight, even her lips were tight, just like a frightened kid.
Slightly I came back so that I can wait and see how long she closes her eyes, after a few minutes as nothing happened she peeped with her left eye open, I couldn’t control my laughter I laughed at her,
“Stop laughing you monkey!.. Get down from me, I am no sofa for you,” she said, her anger slightly reduced…
“Indeed you are one,” I said while I again leaned to her, she gradually lost her speech, so did I.
This time I let her hand free as I kissed her forehead, she closed her eyes not tight, but with a smile hidden. Slowly I felt her hands around my neck and her fingers within my hairs entangled, she pulled me more near to her and kissed my cheeks. I laid on her, indeed she is a sofa, rested my face on her neck, kissed it while she giggled and hugged me!
I slipped my body half on the bed and rest on her, I kind of felt that drowsy feeling to be under her spell, as she kept massaging my head with her fingers, “Sorry…” I said in a low voice.
“I painted a new one for you, just like the one that is broken in that box,” she said.
I looked up to her, surprised my face had a big question mark.
“I sometimes Love you too,” she said with a smile and kissed my forehead.
What I realized was that sometimes, without even saying nothing only people who love you understand things. I smiled, hugged her tighter, she giggled as she felt ticklish. Sleeping on each other was so much relaxing and satisfying having a feel of home in each others arms, that we had a nap together hugging one another.

Hence so was the lazy morning spent on and it was afternoon without our realization.