The knock out stage of Quiz world cup 2020

It was great to see the way Indian team was received at Gent, the volunteers using masks and safety helping them to reach to quarters where the match would begin and from the knock out round the technology would change for which it also required safety and The team did plan it all to right direction. Their 1st knock out match being round of 64 was going to take place against Philippines and they asked assistant coach sir to bring on the video analyses on their game til now in the world cup to find out the key efforts and it was going to play a vital role in the match to come with its speed and accuracy meaning the most. Hence before the match India had a short rest, As a captain Mr. Pant told team to make sure that they do blend in to situations, and once the knock out rounds would start there wil be hardly time to prepare and chat key tactics so first sort them down before the chalenge come and with all They settled in Gent in Belgium for the knock out rounds looming ahead.
The round of 64 was challenging in its own way and the technology that would be used was going to be headphone base devices in which in early rounds the device known as Sound Muff was going to be used that is European in design and has a calculater size device attached in which usually multiple option system works including ‘A B C D’ and the quizzers have to speak that out on the stage themselves. Hence the 1st knock out match would be of 3 hours that would include around 1000 scoring point and making the positive plans as a decent head start Mr. Pant as a captain won the toss and chose ‘pass on’ as an opposite side to have benefits and it did prove on to be a better plan as the game folded where they kept answering once the opponent have answered and though Davic Maiqess, their captain did well, it was still up short for Indian team. At the end of the 3 hour hard procession India has finally managed to go pass in the 1st knock out round beating them up from 920 to 1000 and it was great feeling for them.
Again the round of 32 was going to be played in the same city in the evening and it was told to Mr. pant by his head coach that in Match of Australia and Urugway the Ausis have won and they would be facing India in the next knock out fixture and again the same technology known as Sound Muff would be applied in next round which was pleasing itself. In this match the Australian captain David Elbes at the toss mentioned that they do have a plan for Mr. Pant and they would try to do him in, but the indian captain was up for challenge and again winning toss he chose the pass on side which was effective for the 1 k scoring line at the end of 3 hour fixture. In the match the Yellow went close to the match, even were in lead at one point of time, but at the last move they lost it all and India defeated them with same margin of 1000 to 920 and with hand shakes and photo session in both team it was also all over for Australia.
The good thing for indian team was that both teams who lost to them showed the spirit of game and thanked them for such a great game and Mr. Pant along side the other team member did the ssame sharing the coupons of use for the other side and it was all great as their photo sessions went great and all was on the core and it was also time now to move from Gent and shift to a different city. In the evening session they were helped by the volunteers to their transport, Mr Pant thanked the crowd who came to enjoy even in such difficult times, and it was now Mons where they would face their further matches to come and for the service the Indian team felt thankful to Gent supporting staff. Next morning early they reached Mons, came to know that in pre quarters their opponent would be Denmark who have defeated Venezuela with close margins and with plans to execute and a quick chat amidst the pres confrences happening around, it was time to move on to the next mission for the Indian team…
Early in the morning, the team got refreshed, got a brief session to discuss few pointers and did a very brief press confrence on the matches to come where they highlighted how they will be going to approach in the coming Knock out matches around. Yet one more thing the team have to tackle in the Pre quarters and it was the technology which has changed and now it was going to be a differen headphone loaded device known as Sterio Voice Curtain and with its flap coming to effect Mr. Pant and his team was looking to use it effectively. In the toss again Mr. Pant did win it and chose the pass on side and it was benefitial this time most compared to other two matches with using Denmark’s team speed to lock down at certain point and with finding out how their players do early helped in India to match on the speed and the reserve player played welll to make it an equal match. After a great contest of 4 hour and 30 minutes India came victorious from 1500 to 1420 and they have reached to the next round.
The city was not going to change for the Quarter finals and after knowing the fact that Italy has defeated Portugal in the Pre quarters they were ready to face them in evening and knew that their captain and central players would pose challenges for that close video analytics was required and tips from head coach also were benefitial to seek things out properly. However this time Mr. Pant as captain lost the toss and he has to be given ‘face off’ side and Cicilia Cornwall tried her best to make it an equal game with her players on the round as the Sterio voice headphone device was still on the cards and the speed from both sides were well matched and yet Italy has some flaw which India got used perfectly. At the end of the 4 hours and 30 minutes of play it was all over for them as India beated them from 1500 to 1430 and Mr. Pant was happy that even from Face off they used right tactics and moved on to the big Semi finals themselves.
Again Indian team gratified Denmark and Italy for their show of spirit in the games and they returned it back and wished them luck for the Semi finals with world no. 2 Norway to come in the night and the city was also going to change so with all happening very fast as emergency pass for Antwerp were handed to Mr. Pant and his team and they have to leave the city as well. The team also showed their gratitude to the officials and volunteers involved, all who came in numbers despite Corona like pandemic going on and now it all goes to the wire as the tournament is almost at the last stage. With hopes that they will do well in the big stage, all will be in the right direction and organising of it won’t have many panic barriers, till more such update come from the Quiz worldCup for now its cheers from charlie to all…

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