The journey of Endless Relationship

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Today I want to share such a beautiful story. It touches my heart because it’s endless. Actually, it’s not a story it’s a journey.

This is a journey of two stranger become life mate.
This is the journey of arranged marriage.
This is the story of siya ram.

As like the Siya, it’s a very honest, selfless and polity girl mitali. As like ram, it’s a faithful, and the Most dignified man Raj.

When the boy and girl’s age is 25, the wedding talk starts in the house. The search for good relationships begins. This is the beginning of this journey. The family has liked the relationship between them and added their relationship. This thing has proved to be perfect, by our MiRa.

When they meet the first time. they same dissolves like that made for each other. After a good conversation, the two decided to become one and everyone accepted this decision.
And became a pair of our MiRa, like a pair siya ram.

Even then, there is little anxiety in the mind and a little bit of fear. The desire of knowing each other and understanding. Mind to talk.

Everything seems to look a little strange, but no it’s very strange.
This arranged marriage is not so easy too.
Also got talk
Everything is good, yet one fear and restlessness remains.

From a surety of the relationship to the middle of the engagement, we feel only a little bit upset. Everyone knows and understands, but still, every girl and every boy passes like this from this time. This realization happens to everyone, even if love is engaged.

We all got together for the purchase of an engagement.
The conversation was most frequent in his family every day. Sister-in-law’s numbers were I have and I just waiting for my life mate phone and message.

But till the day of engagement, we did not talk, and the day of engagement has come.

We get such puzzle times, to give pose for an engagement couple photo shoot. The little lot seems weird.

Both of them embarked on each other’s hands for getting engaged and go ahead.
The method started. first of all, all start the method of Chuni.

After then
The ring ceremony

At the time of the ring ceremony, everybody wished that we both wear a ring to each other by sit on the kneel.
First Raj sat on the knees and he wore me a ring.
When Mitali sat on the knees and she wore me a ring, I was surprised.
We both are happy and everyone is happy for us because we fulfilled their wish.
With the blessings of God, our engagement ended smoothly.
Now the time has come when I have to go home with my life mate. Our departure took place and in the evening we came home, there were all the preparations done for our reception. The house was very well decorated.
At that time when we enter the home, Raj holds my hand tightly as like he feels my nervousness and understand me, as he with me. he was not thinking like that I like it or not. he just stays with me. it’s so innocent. It touches my heart. like the first time, I feel like someone hold my hands forever and remove my all worries and nervousness. I feel quite happy.

after some time everyone told us to go outside for dinner and we go and we eat pani puri and we come back. that night I slept with mom and bhabhi it was the very busy and tiring day but as change the place I couldn’t sleep that night. I was using my phone in the early morning at 5 am. I use WhatsApp and suddenly I received msg which is sent by Raj. I was quite surprised because it’s was first msg send by him. he was worried for me. that was our first conversation. and yes I got her number too. I like that the way as he takes care of me and he is worried for me.

we spend time together and talk for a long time. we start to sharing and try to build understanding. we go outside and spends alone time to better understand each other. I think that is the right time to share everything for each other and I share my past with him just as par hope that he will understand and stay with me. when I told him about my past. he feels sad I saw that feelings in her eyes and I hug him. he takes her time. I feel nervous. he filled my hope as he understands me, we are together forever. I am so lucky that I have such an understanding life partner.

With the help and support of him, I easily connect with everyone. I feel free and comfortable. All family members are good, understand and supporting. As time pass and day by day, our relationship became better than better.
We start our wedding planning, shopping, and preparation. We plan to go on our honeymoon just after the finished wedding ceremony. Everything is well planned. We start at 3 digits countdown.

Waiting is over. finally, the day came.
Yes, it’s our wedding day.
Finally, we get married with lots of blessing and love.
Now we are one. Two bodies one soul.
This Endless Relationship made by God. i would like to say Thanks to god, destiny and my parents because of them I get such an amazing life mate.



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