The Hug

It was a long day for them!
He returned home when the clock stood still by 6:45pm.
As the doorbells rung there came the sound of anklets of his wife running towards the door who just then reached home few minutes before!
Both shared a wide tired full smile on their faces.
By the time the clock striked 7, both freshened themselves and together started making coffee!!
Silent and a melody song playing mild in one of the mobiles, accompanied by the sounds of, the warming milk in the stove and the spoon clutching the tiny sugars into their coffee cups.
As he put the ingredients in the cup & passed it to her, she mixed it with a happy smile and warm milk!
As she held the cups in her hand, lend one to him… With a glance in eyes wispering " take it , stop playing with sugar"!
He took the cup!! Smiled and dragged her gently towards him!
He hugged her like she was a teddy bear to him and start to sip his coffee!!
As the sips filled his hungry stomach, he realised that the hug became warmer and warmer… ( so did she! )
Leaving behind a feeling that she’s the only thing that could protect him from inside so he protected her outside with his arms like a mother around her baby!
The clock striked 7:15pm, she looked at him asked ,"aren’t you finished with your coffee yet? "
“Yup I did, but not with the hug”,he laughed & kissed her forehead!
“Well this gives the pause for your hug”, said she & released herself from his arms took the cups and goes to wash them!!
He was disappointed, yet smiled and tured away towards the living room, “maybe you can finish your hug after I am done with work”, she pulled him back, kissed him on his forehead with a slight difficulty in reaching & smiled!
And that’s how she felt the same about the Hug, about him!