The Hope

The Hope
-Alveera Hafeez

It’s a seed which drops,
Through the soil it hops,
He fights for his grace,
To become a beauty to embrace!

The Sun and soil helped him,
They never let him become slim,
The roots spread and became strong,
His shoots grew and became long!

The winds tried to kill him,
But the roots were there to save him,
It grew and grew more and more,
Laden with fruits more than four!

The time passed and now he was old,
Now the roots weren’t so bold,
Now he was just an old tree,
Only capable to give shade for free!

And one day during a stormy night,
When the old seed couldn’t fight,
He lost his hopes to live and grow,
Hence killed by that stormy crow!

The next morning people saw his trace,
But now that beauty wasn’t embrace!



Beautiful. :heart:

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