The Going On Life! Will be End One Day

Life always moves with newly surprises. We never know the eternal feeling of it. Its actions are discover-able, one cant explain.They have problems or even solution in their problems they are always linked but we never find the way because stress and tension is spread around us like clouds but if we will become calm and composed we can find the way, the solution.

There is always a thousand of things hide behind your success; you can’t give a credit to one only because every part of this world is engaged behind your determination.***

We always try to find everything even good things because we are afraid of this blind world. We love to explore but stops because others don’t pay attention towards it.

In childhood days there is always a spirit of doing something for ourselves and for the whole as we grow up we forgot every vow which we made in past. It’s the human nature to forgot and become selfish.

While watching at.v. serial, we ought to judge the characters both good and bad and defines them but in reality, we cant judge ourselves, we never got to know that we are right or wrong. According to us, we are always right. God must erase the evil power from this world, evil must there but without evil, the good things would not exist.

Every creature of this nature is doing there work properly but the human being doesn’t think to do anything, they just think about themselves only. God made humans to make this Earth more beautiful but they all engage in fulfilling their needs.
(Ignore silly mistakes)

-Ritika Gusaiwal


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