The Free Me 🤩

I am happy I can do what I want,
I can live my life as I want,
I can wake up late,
If I get to go to bed very late !

Now, I can read and write,
I can draw and paint,
I can help the needy children,
And help them live a wholesome life !

I will be happy to spend my time,
With the disabled and the blind,
Work with them and comfort them,
To make their lives a little better then !

To help them with the colours they can’t see,
To play games which they can’t on their own,
To explain what they don’t understand,
To just be there for them, to hold their hand !

This is the way to live one’s life,
Not just working, with no time left for the real life,
To do what one wants and as they want ,
Only then it’s a happy life to ourselves we grant !

Jacqueline Lobo John

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Great post! :heart:

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Thank you @unknown_soul :heart:

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