The Evening!

It was that evening of the rainy season, where I left for home after my work when the clock struck 5!

As usual, plugged my earphones while getting downstairs!

Played my favourite song, humming it with some random thoughts in my, headed towards the Bus stop 3streets ahead!

There came a Black Pulsar, following me from the office building, it is a residential area, so I was least bothered about it!

But the man in bike with Helmet covering his face was continuously horning behind me though the road was empty!

I paused for a while, so did the bike! I resumed my walk, even the bike resumed behind me!

I wasn’t such a Good girl to tolerate these and just walk away!!

I turned back and walked towards the bike following me in 10m distance! The Man stopped his bike as he saw me coming towards him and he parked it & stepped out of his bike!

I went near him and stood at a 1mtr distance, just signed him and asked in gesture with my eye red with anger " Wats your problem Young man"

Though he stepped out he didn’t remove his helmet! He shook his head signing “nothing”!

I turned and continued my path, he again horns his bike !!







The sequence repeated thrice! I gave up my patience for the 4th time when he did the same, I turned with a force to blast him, but he removed his helmet this time!

All anger vanished in one swipe when I saw him, his naughty smile, but not the force of my hand, he held it to his cheek!! With his hand above mine!

“How didn’t I realize this figure?” questioning within me, I froze until he kissed my hand, shook me and asked "Still Angry?"

" What are you doing here? Why did you come here to distract yourself? " I asked him in a soft tone with rude attitude & took my hand back! & Starting walking my way.

" Oii…!" "Oiiii ", he called me and took his bike and followed me!

" Sorry, dear!! " He said in a convincingly, but I didn’t want to talk about that so I kept silent and walked.

He again “I did not know you would be this angry on me!! I was mad and tensed about work on the day you texted me so that I wanted to concentrate on work!”

“Oh… I texted?.. It was you who called me first if you don’t remember” My anger slowly started to take a figure!!

" Okay, Sorryyyyyyyyyy " he said again.

I stood for a while stared at him for a second and said " This is not the first time!!" and started walking again!

The rain also accompanied him in cooling me, with its tiny cool droplets drizzle on us!

He went ahead and parked his bike and ran towards me and started accompanying me;

(I never thought that all these would happen in my life and was confused whether to be happy because he came for me or sad what if he repeats the same again), thinking of this I kept walking, he grabbed my bag from my shoulder and as I stared he had a pity cute face; I wanted to smile yet controlled myself and walked silently!

As we reached his bike, he stopped me and said " Sorry " again! I smiled and asked " what you want ", he said " Forgive me ",

" Okay but if this repeat I’ll not talk again! " I said and within no time " ok ok this will not repeat again, sorry again for hurting you " he said.

I smiled at him, and accepted his apology! Both smiled at each other!

He looked at me, gestured in a way of asking permission to take me on his bike, I laughed at his sign and said: " ok hurry up the rain is gaining its pace let’s move, drop me in the bus stop ".

He was happy like anything, and took me, as I sat he grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his waist and started his bike!

" I need you… Always " he said!

" I know that before you do " I said.!

( He was something special to me, I know he is not like any other my friends he isn’t the one who texts regularly or call regularly, but he’s the one who stands by my side at the time of need, one who loves me more but never uttered a word about it till now, so am I. But still, we understand each other without any particular conversation on this topic especially! Yes, I get hurt when he does things like this but I always know that he would come in search of me at any cost no matter what!! And it happened today.)

Someone or the other needs you and loves you the most, it may be your best friend, partner or a family member!!

Relationship with person doesn’t matter but the person does!!


So simple yet so beautiful. I wish all the love for you. :heart::heart:


Thank you